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Silhouettes by Erik Johnson at Wee Chic

Join silhouette artist, Erik Johnson at Wee Chic!! Erik is a highly skilled, 3rd generation silhouette artist, who learned this craft from his father. Within minutes, Erik hand cuts each silhouette by just looking at the subjects profile. When he's done, you'll have an amazing keepsake. Silhouettes make great gifts!

Silhouettes are $30, Duplicates are $15 Framing is available. Cash and credit cards accepted.


Sign Up For Mosaic District | Fairfax, VA Friday, September 25th

Sign Up For Green Spring Station | Lutherville, MD, September 28th

The artist is separated from guests by a Lucite barrier throughout the appointment. Masks are required for all visitors ages 5 years and older per Maryland law. Children 5 years and over can remove their masks once they are seated for their silhouette. Appointments are spaced to allow for proper social distancing. Your safety is important to us. If you have any questions regarding Covid prevention protocols please contact Wee Chic at 410-878-7400
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