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Shop Box

Wee are so excited to bring our newest program to you. Meet Shop Box, an easy way to shop your favorite kids clothing lines in the safety and comfort of your home!

It's easy, here's how it works. 

Step 1 Order a 10, 15 or 20 piece Shop Box on our site here

Step 2 There is a small shipping cost when you order, but don't worry, that gets credited to your purchases later.

Step 3 Once you have placed your order one of our talented stylists will reach out to you by phone for an "interview" to best determine how to build your box. If you are a returning client the stylist will look over past favorites and combine that with your current needs. If you are a new client, the stylist will dig deep on your child/grandchild's age, shape and favorite things to curate a perfect assortment in the perfect sizes.

Step 4 You box is packed by outfit and shipped with an included return shipping label.

Step 5 Try on at home, select your favorites, ship the other pieces back using the included return label.

Step 6 Here's the best part! If you keep 8 or more styles from your shop box your entire order is 30% Off! 

Step 7 Once your box arrives back at Wee Chic, we will credit your original shipping charge against your purchases and assess your discounts. Then we will charge your card on file for only the pieces that you kept from your Shop Box. 

No subscription required, hand curated assortments just for your littles. Wee are here to make this easy during a difficult time! Bonus, you can support a small business from the security of your home and score a great deal. 

Ready to try? Click here.

Have questions or want to order a larger box for siblings? Give us a call at 410-878-7400 x 1. 

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